About me

My name is Luisa Mannu and I am a Cognitive Behavioral Life Coach (CBC), Therapist and grief Counselor.

I practise in Brussels, both in Schaerbeek, near the European Institutions, and in Woluwè Saint Lambert (Roodebeek).

I work in English, French and Italian.

Louisa manu

Scientist as background, I am a certified Cognitive Behavioural Coach (CBC) by the “Centre for Coaching”, Middlesex University, London;

Grief recovery method Specialist by the “Grief Recovery Institute®”, US;
Creative grief support Counsellor by the “Creative Grief Support Studio”, US.

I have attended and completed other training programmes and courses, such as “Non Violent Communication” (NVC), by Marshall Rosenberg; “Effective Communication”, by Th. Gordon; “The Landmark Education Forum”, London, UK; “The Landmark Education advanced”, London, UK.

My personal journey

I think it’s important to say how I have happened to come into this work, leaving my scientific career and moving to a new pathway.

After experiencing the death of my husband at a young age, I went through a deep and long grief which turned out being an incredible nurturing and enriching experience. When I emerged from my “dark tunnel” I felt a deep calling, something that I could not ignore. I felt blessed and gifted by life and therefore the need to offer my inner richness and wisdom to help other people was irresistible.

And so...here I am now, driven by a strong passion to help and support people throughout their emotional struggles.

The beautiful surprise in doing this work is that I get to experience a profound joy and gratification.