How can I help you?


If you are on this page it is probably because you are seeking help or perhaps a friend has directed you here.

Are you facing emotional difficulties, relationship conflicts, a life change, transition, loss or a feeling of uneasiness which is affecting your personal and professional life?
Or is it a state of anxiety, stress, irritability, fear, anger and you cannot identify the cause of your emotional distress?

Have you lost the sense of your life and do you find yourself wondering “Who am I?”, “Where am I going?”, “Why?”
It is at this crucial time that seeking help may in fact be the most “ripe” time to do so!

As a counsellor and specialist in difficulties related to life changes, transitions and losses, the help I offer you is not a long-term psychotherapy requiring necessarily the analysis of your past.
It is an interactive and talking therapy and it is focused on the “here and now”.

My therapy targets cognitive, emotional and behavioural aspects and it’s a participative process.
It is the support of a professional who has also walked that same path and experienced a similar journey.

In many cases, stress and anxiety are felt in response to psychological threats, such as job loss, divorce, relationship issues, bereavement, or any of the many other changes, transitions and losses that we may experience during our lifetime. These events are generally considered to be normal parts of our life. Yet, they can be overwhelming, lead to physical symptoms (headache, insomnia, fatigue) and often contribute to more important psychological disorders.

When we are confronted with such changes, transitions and losses we have the tendency to think of being in a state of depression.
However, the multitude of emotions and feelings we experience when such an event occurs, most often are not the symptoms of a mental disease. They are natural emotional reactions to what has happened in our life and therefore our attempts to rationalize them eventually do not work.

I will accompany you on your journey and support you in discovering your own resources and the inner resilience that is hidden in your sorrow and distress.

Drawing on a cognitive-behavioural approach, I can help you change negative thinking patterns and find new ways of thinking about stressful events that may not have such a negative effect.
Together, we will tap into creative ways of moving forward to wholeness.

From my personal experience I know that each pain is unique, and that each person deserves a unique tailor-made support.
I offer you a safe space where your feelings will be accepted, acknowledged, by my empathetic and understanding support and I will accompany you in the transition from darkness to light.

We will be walking at your own pace, gently embracing all feelings and reactions just the way they come, without judgment, without shame, without following any rules.

As a Cognitive Behavioural Life Coach, I will accompany you to understand your emotional reactions and to discover what lies behind certain behaviours.

My cognitive and behavioural approach to coaching will help you in identifying what is causing distress in your present thinking. Together, we will get to find the best way to deal with a situation that, in this moment of difficulty, seems overwhelming and without solution.

Through an individual and personalized coaching, I listen to your needs and guide you in achieving your goals and /or get to take important decisions in your life.

My scientific background gives me further skills which allow me to establish exceptional relationships with each person and to understand the unique reactions and needs of each of you.

I help people who are suffering because of:

  • Separation / divorce; break-up of a romantic relationship;
  • Life transitions;
  • Any relevant change in life (moving, empty nest syndrome, etc.)
  • Stress, anxiety, anguish, depression;
  • Bereavement, miscarriage, still birth, loss of a pet;
  • Any other kind of loss you are confronted with, both a recent or an old one;
  • The end/change of a friendship;
  • Loss of a job;
  • Disease and/or chronic illness;
  • Physical and psychological fatigue;
  • Loneliness and isolation;
  • Relationship difficulties, both in personal and professional life;
  • Communication difficulties;
  • Loss of the sense of life and hope;
  • Intangible losses which one doesn’t even realize might be the cause of his/her stress and discomfort;
  • Low self-confidence/esteem;
  • Loss of trust in others;
  • Unmet expectations;
  • Feelings of guilt, anger, fear.

I also accompany people who are facing the loss of physical and/or mental capacities in a loved one (aging parents) and those people who are caring for a loved one who is fighting for his/her life and they are currently experiencing an anticipatory grief.

I work with individuals both in person and over Skype.