I am a specialist in all kinds of problems related to difficult changes, transitions and losses in both personal and professional life. I practise in Brussels near the European Institutions in English, French and Italian and I work with adults, children and teenagers.

Being trained in different approaches, I propose a personalised therapy that meets your needs and attitudes and I help you through those difficult periods of your life, such as break-up, divorce, transitions, relationship difficulties, anxiety, stress, grief, loss of self-confidence, to mention just a few.

My cognitive behavioural approach in coaching and counselling enables me to help you to uncover the obstacles that are interfering with your life and to achieve positive results rapidly.

Luisa Mannu

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I am a solution-oriented therapist. The help I offer you is not a long-term psychotherapy and it does not require necessarily going back to your past. It is focused on the “here and now”.

It is the support of a professional who has also walked that same path and experienced a similar journey.

Scientist as background, I am a certified Cognitive Behavioural Coach, Grief recovery method Specialist and Creative grief support Counsellor.

Are you feeling overwhelmed, unhappy, lost in your life?
Are you going through a major life change, whether it's a new job, a break up or divorce, a disease, moving across country?

Are you grieving a recent loss or still struggling with an old one?
Or perhaps you don’t even know why you are feeling in a state of distress, depression and anxiety and you cannot see a way out?

Then, this is the right moment to seek a professional and compassionate help. Don’t hesitate to contact me.

I will accompany you by gently embracing your feelings and emotions. Through an individual therapy, I will help you discover your own resources and together we will tap into creative ways of moving forward in the transition from the darkness to the light.
I offer you a safe space where you will be welcomed by my empathetic and understanding support and you will be guided in achieving your goals and getting to take important decisions in your life.

I work with individuals both in person and over Skype (worldwide).